Our First Meeting

What I have always found interesting is the fact that we as educators are pushed to create curriculum that gives choice to the students. We are told it is important for their engagement and they will push themselves further in their own learning. (Check out this article that talks more about student choices). However, with all of these ideas for educators about how to differentiate for students, it is rare to see a college level course give those same theologies. More times than not, adult learners are forced through the most boring of information dissemination with little to no differentiation or choice. For this reason I am excited for the prospect of working through class chosen case studies.


I also like how the class is set up. I am not a huge fan of the lecture style class and feel it hinders me actually learning the material. I like the idea of delving into topics on my own and putting together the information in a way that makes sense to me.

Concerning the expectation of class, I began with some confusion on the implementation of the case studies. I was unsure the steps and what exactly was being asked of us. However, with the assistance of the TAs and some clarifications sent out by Dr. Kimura I am able to understand the process more clearly.



One thought on “Our First Meeting

  1. Agreed. I too was a little confused at first, but after clarification I really began to warm up to the idea. I like the voice and choice it gives students as well the the opportunity for creativity and problem solving.


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