The Year of Expansion

Education has played an pivotal part of my adult life. And for me, education does not end with graduation. I have spent the better part of a decade teaching in public schools while trying to engross myself in personal research. How do I make my classroom more efficient? How do I help my struggling students? How do I incorporate the latest technologies while making their use in the classroom meaningful? These questions and more have led me to flip classrooms, incorporate learning management systems, and implement a flurry of apps and websites.


But what does that mean for this blog? In my years of scouring and searching I believe I have not even scratched the surface to all the educational technologies available. With that, I would like to focus my efforts this semester on discovery. I am no longer in a position to be able to focus on one subject area and I need to widen my scope. I am interested in finding technologies and implementations as it deals with a variety of contents and age groups. I would like to push my thinking as to what is possible in all classrooms.

Schoology- my go to LMS

As for you, my fellow classmates, I could use your help. I would love any feedback you could give me on possible tools, sites and apps you have seen or used as it refers to the topics I am exploring. I would like to expand beyond my normal technologies in the class and view this blog as a great way to share your expertise.


One thought on “The Year of Expansion

  1. Ashley, it’s refreshing to read about your enthusiasm for students. It’s those in education like you are life long learners that make a difference in education. I’m sure many of those in this class could also help to introduce you to new tools, ideas, or help to you to expand what you presently have implemented at your school. If there’s any specific initiatives that you would like to chat about, let me know. Please keep up your passion for your own education and for helping students one day at a time.


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