Design On NO Dime- Artifact 2

After the first round of artifact creation, I personally did some reflecting on the opportunities our group had in terms of collaboration.  I reread through the articles that Dr. Kimura had provided on the concept of team collaborations and we tried to implement a few changes. Specifically, we worked on a couple of the ten ways to contribute to your team’s success (Just in case you missed it). From our first artifact, I noticed we did not have clearly defined roles. We attempted this time to split up the parts of the task and quickly agree on how to distribute responsibilities. Where it was a little more challenging than first thought, it did end up working better in the long run for this artifact. In addition, I personally tried to give others the opportunity to take leadership in the project. I feel I took a very front seat approach to the first artifact and wanted to give others a voice for this one.

On the topic of our artifact, I am pleased with the way it turned out. We had agreed early on we would work with Adobe Spark for this round and I am glad we did so. I really liked several aspects of our artifact to include; a number of citations we embedded throughout, the proposed methods to redesign, and our choice in funding options.   However, if we would have had more time, I think it would have strengthened our artifact if we would have actual mock ups of what our redesigned space could look like.



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