LTEC647E Final Reflections

Throughout this elective class, I have experienced a wide array of feelings, everything from excitement to anger to annoyance to relief. This class, Emerging Technologies, was a wealth of knowledge and brought forth a plethora of issues I had not had the time nor thought to look into further. As a member of the class, I learned several things that I will take with me into my next educational journey. First, I learned the importance of working through tough situations with groups members, and sometimes the best course of action is to agree to disagree. Not everyone in a class comes to class with the same background knowledge, experiences or beliefs, which most of the time it is refreshing to look at topics from other points of view. However, sometimes those points of view clash and if not dealt with in an appropriate manner it could lead to tensions among the whole group. It is imperative to focus on the task given and to not take so much stock into your beliefs as they pertain to the task. Every is entitled to their opinions and the best anyone can do is listen, empathize and move forward.

Another key component of this course is communication. Communication with group members, with classmates, with TAs, with the teacher. Being able to communicate effectively and efficiently is a necessity and this course showed the importance of this. There were times in group meetings where we would just sit there in silence, wondering what and how to say what needed to be said. Where these moments were uncomfortable, I think they lent themselves to the overall idea to the importance of communication; taking the time to really formulate what you are going to say to move the conversation forward in terms of meeting team goals.

One of the biggest frustrations was not necessarily one that comes directly from the course, but instead something I have to deal with internally. The course had a pretty heavy workload but it would have been less stressful if I would have found the time and energy to work through material throughout the work week. This did not happen often. I usually come home too tired and mentally exhausted to work on not only this course but any course. This would then lead me to smoosh all of my assignments into the weekend, leaving me without any free time of my own. Unfortunately, this was not remedied this semester and will need to be something I work on for future endeavors; how to remain motivated even when exhaustion hits.

And if you are still reading this we have made it to the end of my experience in this class. If you are a current LTEC student looking for an elective and are thinking about taking this course some words of wisdom- stay organized and where teamwork is important do not rely on it solely. Talk to your group and assign parts. Keep in touch in between deadlines and stay on top of your blog posts. 🙂

With Love,



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